How I developed my interest in magazines.

Magazine stack late 2009

A stack of magazines purchased in late 2009.

Among all mediums, I have the closest connection with magazines. While I was mostly a book person during my younger years, I leaned towards magazines when I entered my college-going years.

Enrolled in a design school, I was exposed to graphic design in publications. The magazine section became my favourite part of the book store. Back issue magazine shops was my source of reading materials, as they were sold at a lower price than the latest titles.

Years went by and my magazine collection grew to dominate my bookshelf. In the beginning, I was mostly buying architecture and interior design magazines as it was tied to the course I was taking in college. I dropped out of design school and enrolled in a Mass Communication course when I found out I had a strong journalism streak.

It can be said that the point where I seriously considered magazines to be my future was when I picked up Monocle. It piqued my interest in art direction and refined my design sense.

After some thought, I decided to start this blog as a way to document the magazines I own. Every title is different. Just like a person. And I want to introduce them to you one by one.

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